Aspects of a Student Athlete

A profile of freshman Lewie Sisay’s athletic career.


Photo provided by the family of L. Sisay

Freshman Lewie Sisay currently plays for the Sox, and hopes to continue his baseball career at THS and in college.

Morgan Walkenhorst, Reporter

Freshman Lewie Sisay has been playing sports on and off throughout his life. Even before the start of his high school baseball career, Sisay began to receive attention from college coaches. Currently, he plays for the Sox. 

“He is very talented, especially as a freshman. He has the drive to do well and you can see that right away. He is motivated to become better, and that’s an exciting aspect to see,” assistant varsity baseball coach Andrew Zerr said.

Sisay said he began playing sports when he was young, but did not get serious about them until he was about 10.

“I played tee-ball when I was about 6, and I hated it so I quit. When I was about 9, I started playing football, and that’s when I started getting back into sports,” Sisay said.

As he has become more serious about sports, Sisay said it has been hard to incorporate time for sports and school. Sports are a big part of his family, but school work comes first, he said.

“Before any sports or working out, when I get home from school I get all my homework done. That way, I make sure I stay on top of school work and don’t get behind,” Sisay said.

Sisay’s Sox coach David Matzenbacher said Lewie has a passion for his athletics and naturally has a dedication to his team and the game.

“I practice baseball and workout every night and although that gets tough with football, homework and getting enough sleep I love to do it,” Sisay said

Matzenbacher said he hopes that Lewie can get to college off of his baseball abilities.

“Over the time of the past two years, I’ve seen a huge increase in his pitching velocity, his speed running and the leader he has become,” freshman Ethan Snarr said.

Sisay’s teammates agreed he is a good leader and teammate.

“Lewie is a very different teammate than most. He is a funny guy and he knows how to lighten the mood at right times and to be serious when necessary,” Sox teammate Blayne Hollamon said.

Matzenbacher says he has seen a lot of growth and talent in Sisay, and that his hopes for him are high.

“When he’s in his element, he’s a leader; he works very hard.  He always goes the extra mile. He pushes the people around him, too,” Matzenbacher said.

Sisay’s teammates agreed.

“He is a team leader and [shows] it when someone is down or slacking and needs some corrections. Lewie is the first one to step up,” Snarr said.

Sisay said he hopes to join the THS baseball team, and eventually play college sports.