CES 2019: Cool Tech Unveiled

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

CES is the International Consumer Electronics Show, where many companies take their newest tech and they show it to news sources and consumers.

Some of the products are just for fun and most likely won’t ever reach the open market.

“I don’t see any point in a foldable phone. It just makes it more expensive for no reason other than to say my phone can fold in half,” junior Jackson Fenner said.

Foldable phones are becoming a trend again amongst phone brands, and the FlexPai may be the most developed one of them all. The FlexPai, built by chinese company Royole, can fold from 0 to 180 degrees, allowing to be a smartphone or a tablet. The developer mode is currently selling for £1,209 approximately $1,381.22 U.S.

“CES is a great time for the nerds of the world who can’t wait to see the next phone or TV ideas,” sophomore Marcus Temple said.

Samsung’s “transparent” TV won the innovation award at CES. It blends into the wall and shows nothing but what is behind it when no video is being displayed. They also unveiled artificial intelligence for medical care, and Samsung gave its first public demonstration of Samsung Bot Care, engineered to help manage daily health routines.

“A transparent TV would make spacing out a living room so much easier, and it would just look awesome,” sophomore Sam Ellefson said.

Smart belts and shoes were also at CES the shoes and belt have falling sensors in them that alert who ever the user sets to contact, these would be useful for older people, and anyone worried that they might fall and have nobody around to get help. They cost $35 a month or $400 a year and every year the user gets a new fresh pair.

“Smart belts are cool, but if you could just get a Apple Watch that has more function and does the exact same thing, the apple watch is obviously better,” Temple said.

The $400 Apple Watch series 4 also has fall detection, with other features as well. There is also $200 smart watch that keeps track of diets, and walking patterns to keep the user on the correct diet.