Wires for the Wireless Airpods

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Airpods are wireless earbuds made and sold by Apple. Apple is now selling a connecting wire for the wireless Airpods, and there are many third party accessories for your Airpods.

“Airpods are great, but they need some major improvements. They need some way to stay in ears better; they fall out very easy,” junior Robby Manor said.

The main feature of Airpods is to be completely wireless externally, yet there are patent pending products, such as the Spigen Compact Airpod Straps, that allow users to connect the earbuds so, if one were to fall out, it would not fall directly to the ground. There are also generic brand straps with a magnet to hold the earbuds together, and even a strap that when connected charge them.

“It is so dumb to have wireless earbuds, and then buy a strap to wire them together,” sophomore Zane Bufford said.

Some other wireless earbuds have fins to keep them from falling out of the ear, whereas Airpods just sit on the ears, without rubberized support. This means they have a better chance of falling out, especially when working out.

“[Airpods] are fine the way they are; these companies are just making stupid accessories to make a quick dollar,” sophomore Sam Ellefson said.

Airpods have a total of 24 listening hours, when paired with the original charging case. With the PowerPod charging case you can wirelessly charge the Airpods case and Airpods.

“If airpods had wireless charging, then they would be the best on the market no doubt about it,” Bufford said.