Sonny Gray Trade

Hayden See, Reporter

The New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, and Seattle Mariners completed a three team deal last month.

It was rumored for months Yankees’ starting pitcher Sonny Gray would be dealt. The right-hander was acquired last offseason from the Oakland Athletics for a trio of prospects. After a season, in which he recorded an earned run average just below five, other questions were raised against the Tennessean, specifically around his demeanor on the mound. The Yankees have been shopping him around for months, looking for a sufficient trade partner.

“It was time for Gray to leave New York. The fanbase was not very fond of him, and in a press conference early in the offseason, the Yankees basically said he was going to get traded,” junior Emma Hayden said.

In the three team trade, the Yankees sent Gray, and flipped prospect Shed Long, who they acquired from the Reds, to the Mariners for outfield prospect Josh Stowers. The Reds gave up Shed Long and a competitive balance pick, while acquiring Gray. As a part of the deal, Gray signed a three year $30.5 million extension.

“The Gray trade was good for all the teams involved. Gray did not perform well at Yankee Stadium at all, and made a lot of fans mad with his attitude. The Reds got him, and with a fresh start he could get back to how he performed in Oakland. The Mariners got a good prospect in return, also. All teams won,” junior Ethan Seymore said.

The Reds also made a trade with the Dodgers this offseason, acquiring outfielder Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp and pitcher Alex Wood, all of whom are free agents at the seasons end, for a trio of prospects. The Yankees have acquired Lameheui and Paxton, while the Mariners main additions this off-season have been in added prospects.

“New York got a strong group of prospects in return for a pitcher who didn’t appear to have much value,” junior Blake Haffer said.

The Major League Baseball season kicks off in just over two months.