XXXTentacions Newborn Son

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Seven months after rapper XXXTentacions death, his mother tweeted about his newborn son whose name is Gekyume Onfroy.

“It’s awesome that he will be able to have something other than his music live on after his death,” junior Emmah Brauss said.

Shortly after XXXTentacions, whose birth name was Jahseh Onfroy death was confirmed by ET online that his girlfriend was pregnant. Gekumes name is derived from a word that Onfroy created shortly before his passing. Onfroy’s family describes the word as “a different state” or “next universe of thought.”

“It’s awful that [XXXTentacion] will never get to meet his son. Hopefully, the child gets the father figure he needs,” sophomore Allison Vaughn.

After the birth of Onfroy’s son was made public, memes started to surface about the first words and Gekyume releasing music. One of the most popular memes stated “Little man better drop Moonlight 2 already,” another reference a song of Onfroys and had quotes mean to have Gekyume Onfroy singing “spotlight uh moonlight uh.” This is a reference to the rapper song Moonlight, and any memes maid were not made to offend anyone and were for purley comedic purpose.

“[Onfroy] is a great artist. It sucks he had to go before his son was born,” sophomore Brenden Price said.
Onfroy was killed on June 18, 2018, after he had withdrawn money from his bank, he was headed to RIVA motorsports,and upscale seller of motorcycles and boats.