Super Bowl 53

Hayden See, Reporter

The Patriots won their sixth franchise Super Bowl.

The game was the lowest scoring match in Super Bowl history. It ended in a final of 10-3, with New England scoring the lone touchdown in the second half. The Patriots missed a field goal in the first half, but were still able to out score Los Angeles.

“The Super Bowl this year was no doubt the most boring football game I have ever watched. It was even worse for me because I despise both the Rams and Patriots, so I was just hoping neither team would win,” junior Blake Ebner said.

Usually, Super Bowls have at least two touchdowns scored. The game this year was different, however. There were only a handful of game altering plays, and one touchdown scored. Both teams made lots of impressive defensive stops, but the Patriots’ defense was able to limit the Rams to a total of five first downs. The Rams punter was busy, and ended up breaking a Super Bowl record for the longest punt recorded. Tom Brady had some difficulty reading the Rams’ defense, as his stats reflect, although with the strong play of his team’s defense, all they needed was a touchdown to get their second Super Bowl win in the last three years.

“Tom Brady is the best to ever play the game. No argument can be made to deny that,” junior Connor Price said.
This Super Bowl victory gave Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick his sixth ring, four from the Patriots, while the remaining two were from his previous coaching duties with the Jets and Bills. Heading into the season, a lot of doubt surrounded the Patriots as a team. Starting out the season as slow as they did didn’t do much to negate that opinion, either. Even through the controversy the Patriots found a way to win yet again.

“New England is a football dynasty that every franchise should try to model. They do it right,” junior Emma Hayden said.
Brady, 43, has made no indication of retirement, and may trot out to the football field next season going for his third Super Bowl victory in the past four years.