The Worst Super Bowl Ever

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

The 2019 Super Bowl was the worst Super Bowl of all time The Rams did not deserve to play in it, and everyone is tired of the Patriots making the Super Bowl and winning, plus the halftime show was awful.

The Rams are a good team, but that does not mean that they deserved to be in the Super Bowl. The Rams played the Saints in the NFC championship game, and the Saints should have made it to the Super Bowl instead of the Rams. The Saints just ended up being out lucked by the Rams, when Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein made two field goals back to back one at 48 yards and the other at 57 yards, which is just ridiculous.

The Patriots are a great team. They have shown the world that time and time again, but people are just tired of seeing them win every year. It is no longer entertaining to see Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. Ultimately in the AFC championship game, if the Chiefs had won the coin toss, they would have won the game. The Chiefs were down all game, but made a miraculous comeback in the fourth quarter, but because the Chiefs hadn’t won the coin toss they lost it.

The advertisements, which are supposed to be the best of the year and of any sporting event were not good. There isn’t much else to say about them. A couple adverts were extremely well-written and made, but they did not get the attention because of all the other bad adverts.

Maroon 5 has had their time in the spotlight; their songs used to play on the radio for hours, but they are old and Adam Levine, seemed desperate for attention during the Super Bowl. When he wasn’t getting the crowd reaction he wanted, he decided to take off his shirt. Not only was his shirt off for three fourths of the performance but his pants looked as if they were going to fall during the entire performance.

Finally, we have Travis Scott and his absolutely terrible performance of “Sicko Mode,” but not only did he perform one of his worst and most memed song of all time he made the opening for “Sicko Mode” Spongebob. There is nothing wrong with Spongebob, the general population wanted to see Spongebob “Sweet Victory” performed, but that wasn’t the Super Bowl halftime director did. Instead they showed a five second clip of Spongebob dancing before it transitioned into a falling meteor that struck the arena, then out came Travis Scott, whose singing was awful without autotune, the whole performance he sounded like he was out of breath.

The next Super Bowl should have better advertisements with more comedic effects. And, hopefully, next year the teams will actually be entertaining to watch. Then, the halftime show: the NFl should choose a band that is relevant to today and popular for younger audiences,  because autotune just doesn’t sound good.