Trump Welcomes Clemson

Hayden See, Reporter

Trump greeted the National Championship Clemson Tigers football team with a dinner of a variety of fast food on January 15th.
Last month, during the longest government shutdown in United States history, President Trump still had to host Clemson. With the government being shut down, he said he had to provide the team with a meal that is unusual to eat at the White House: fast food.

“Trump has been unconventional his whole presidency, so him making the National Champions eat fast food does not surprise me one bit. Many of the people I have heard talk about the situation find it very disrespectful, but I think his decision was fine. The players are coming to the White House during a government shutdown, so they should not expect to get the same kind of dining they would have had under normal circumstances,” sophomore Hannah Stumpf said.

Some of the fast food available were McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Taco Bell, on a large dining table. Critics were quick to cite his unhealthiness, specifically the President’s reported large intake of diet sodas, tying that in with his decision to provide the players with fast food.

“I still think that even during a government shutdown, they should be able to provide some very high tier athletes more than just fast food. I find it very disrespectful,” junior Sophia Giltner said.

There were a handful of the Clemson football players who did not seem satisfied with the food provided, but none of them were too vocal about the experience. Many championship winning teams are choosing to decline the invitation to the White House. The Red Sox will reportedly visit after winning the World Series, according to ESPN.

“It’s an honor to visit the White House no matter who is the President. It is one of the most historic buildings in the world. So much history has occurred there,” junior Connor Price said.The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have yet to release a statement on whether they will visit the White House.