Apple Reaches $1 Billion Value

Hayden See, Reporter

Apple recently hit the $1 billion value landmark.

The tech company has risen to the top steadily. The stock controlled company, recently bought back $20 billion worth of shares, gaining back more company control. After the passing of its founder Steve Jobs, Tim Cook took the reigns as chief executive officer. Cook has accrued a net worth of $600 million.

“You cannot go a second without seeing somebody with an apple product. It is also seen in today’s world as socially damaging to have any other phone besides an iPhone. The company has surpassed their technological identity, they are now a big social symbol across the world. Having an iPhone or other expensive items is becoming a social norm,” junior Blake Haffer said.

A wide range of products are offered by the tech giant, including iPhones, computers, laptops, watches, headphones, and even a TV streaming device, called Apple TV. The company itself has not revealed their products that bring them in the most revenue, but electronics store Best Buy has released sales information related to Apple products. According to the store, AirPods and dongles, the piece used to plug in headphones on newer generations of iPhones that lack the headphone jack, are the most sold items. The iPad comes close behind.

“I am a frequent buyer of Apple products. They are very high quality,” junior Jacob Justice said.

Companies close to Apple in terms of value, are Google, Microsoft and Amazon. All of the companies are constantly trying to innovate before their competition, which pushes the envelope on technological development even further.

“The technological advances that are being made in this generation are exciting. The future of technology is very bright,” junior Brit Schriber said.

One of Apple’s newest products, AirPods, have quickly helped increase Apple’s value with their high number of sales.