Las Vegas Snowfall

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

In a weird twist of weather events, Las Vegas, buried in the middle of mountains in the hot desert, recently received a few inches of snow.

The exact amount that Las Vegas recieved was about one to three inches, and temperatures were below 20 degrees for the first time since the 1960’s, according to, on February 23rd. While Las Vegas occasionally gets snow, to get more than a dusting is very rare for the city. On average, the city gets no more than three snowfall days, and they do not compile to more than a dusting. However, the one to three inches were the most the city has seen since December 2008, when the city saw three and a half inches. The record however, was set in 1949, when the city saw 16.7 inches of snow in one month.

“The snow is Las Vegas is kinda crazy. You would not expect to see snow in the middle of the desert. I could only imagine walking up and down Las Vegas Boulevard while its snow covered, it sounds so cool; said freshman Rylee Ueltzen.

For now, however, the snow is not over. Additional snow, as much as a half of inch, is fell in the days after though after, temperatures in the city warmed up. According to, citizens of Las Vegas seemed as if the snow was from a snow machine, as many have not lived in the area for more than ten years since the last snowfall.

“It would of been cool to see the snow in person; I could never imagine what everything looks like out there covered in snow,” junior Brandon Yates said.

City workers had quite a bit to deal with as well. The snow fall shut down Highway 160, one of the main roads through the city, as well as Interstate 15, the main interstate into and out of Las Vegas, for some time following a busy weekend rush, according to The Weather Channel. The city also does not have a surplus of snow plows, so snow removal took extra time. However, with the snow, the Las Vegas Boulevard was still as busy as ever, and the snow did not stop tourists from going out and about on the town.

The snow is now melted away, and, with temperatures on the rise, it seems as if Vegas has gotten its snowfall for the year.