Super Smash Bros. Club

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

Eight players are gathered around the table as the fight begins each player is fighting to beat the rest with the weapons and powers each of their characters have, only one person can win.

“I love the club. It’s awesome to be able to play an amazing game with other people that also love the game,” freshman Colin Arthur said.

The club played Super Smash Bros, a fighting game where up to eight players can play locally, on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U console. There are over 70 character to choose and fight as, with many stages to fight on.

“The game is great, and the amount of variety it has is amazing,” junior Jackson fenner said.

Different meeting have different formats including 1 vs.1, 2 vs.2, 3 vs.3, and 4 vs.4 tournaments, also eight player free-for-all. There is usually a sign up sheet on the table to enter the tournaments, and to keep track of who is playing.

“I have a lot of fun playing and getting to play against players who are really good. It is always fun for me,” Arthur said.

Many of the member bring their own controllers and Nintendo Switches so they can link to each other and play with more than eight players.

“The group is awesome. Everyone there is really fun to be around,” senior James Drury said.

The club meets every Thursday after school and goes until about 3:30pm.