NFL Combine Top Performers

Hayden See, Reporter

The NFL Combine concluded Monday, March 4, with many top performers.

There are seven main events: 60 yard shuttle, 20 yard shuttle, three cone drill, broad jump, vertical jump, bench press and 40 yard dash. The events most looked at by NFL scouts are the 40 yard dash, bench press and broad jump, because they showcase agility, strength and speed in front of perspective teams. NFL scouts and executives from every NFL team are in attendance for the event.

“The NFL is my favorite sports league. There are so many talented players that make it so entertaining to watch. The NFL Combine is one of the first glimpses you get of what type of talent is coming to the NFL. Every year records are broken, so it always keeps you on your toes,” junior Ethan Markovich said.

Safety Zedrick Woods ran a 4.29 second 40-yard dash in the NFL Combine. Safeties, wide receivers and defensive-backs made up the top 50 40-yard dash speeds. As for the bench press, two offensive linemen recorded the two highest bench press reps. Iosua Opeta completed 39 reps while Dexter Lawrence did 36 reps. Running Back Alex Barnes impressed many scouts, overpowering offensive linemen with his completion of 34 reps. Safety Juan Thornhill recorded the highest vertical jump, 44 inches. Like the other events, safeties, defensive backs and wide receivers dominated the standings.

“The running back doing as well as he did in the bench press competition should help out his draft stock,” junior Ethan Seymore said.

Wide receiver Hall Emanuel and Juan Thornhill led the charge with broad jump distances of 141 inches. Long David, a defensive back, recorded the shortest three cone drill time at 6.45 seconds.

“The NFL combine is fun to watch, especially for me because I am not that interested in College sports,” junior Britt Schriber said.

The NFL Draft is in late April.