Jordan Peele’s “Us”

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Jordan Peele’s new horror film, “Us,” released March 22 and has received much praise worldwide. 

“‘Us’ was so good. The way Jordan Peele does horror is just fascinating. He seems to be such a funny guy, but he can put together a truly horrifying movie,” junior Abby Island said.

“Us” received a 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes from critics. However, on the audience score, the movie only received a 68 percent. Peele’s freshman movie, “Get Out” was a critically acclaimed a 98 percent from critics and an 86 percent from audiences.

“I think ‘Get Out’ was much better, but ‘Us’ was still really scary and good. The characters were just so thought out and likable. The one thing that was bad was the ending, because it was just so confusing,” junior Emma Hayden said.

The movie made more than triple its budget of $20 million, making an estimated $70.3 million in North America. “Us” exceeded industry expectations in a big way. The film was initially projected by industry experts to bring in closer to $45 million on the opening weekend, according to The film has made $87 million worldwide. “Get Out” has hauled in $255 million from its initial release in 2017.

“‘Us’ was so good. The way Peele makes stories so interesting and immersive is amazing. He needs to keep making stellar movies, because I know people will flock toward it,” junior Camryn Scott said.

This R-rated film clocks in at two hours and one minute, with Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke as the main characters.