NBA Playoffs First Round

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

The NBA playoffs have begun with the first round ending quicky with many matchups only taking five games to decide the winner.

“The playoffs don’t get interesting until the second and third rounds,” junior Blake Lyerla said.

The Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks swept their first round matchups, winning in only four games. The Golden State Warriors took six games to move onto the second round winning four games to two against the LA Clippers. The Denver Nuggets and San Antonio Spurs took seven games for the winner to be decided with the Nuggets coming out on top four to three. The rest of the first round winners won in five games against their matchups.

“Lots of people were worried about the Celtics but they swept the Pacers so I believe they will fine through the rest of the playoffs,” freshman Nolan Gera said.

The second round matchups are, 76ers versus Raptors (76ers lead 2-1), Celtics versus Bucks (series tied 1-1), Trail Blazers versus Nuggets (series tied 1-1) and Warriors versus Rockets (Warriors lead 2-0). In the East the Bucks and raptors are tied with the highest rated projected chance at advancing to the semi finals with a 69 percent chance.

“The playoffs are going to be important for most eastern conference teams because of all the players going into free agency, the team that makes it to the finals could have a great case for signing some new talent in the offseason,” junior Amare johnson said.