YNW Melly Sentenced to Death

Nolen Cooper, Reporter

YNW Melly was arrested after the deaths of Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., both of Vero Beach, Florida, according to Miramar Police. On October 26, 2018 at 4:35 a.m., police said, Henry drove up to the Memorial Miramar Hospital with both victims in the vehicle.

“So many rappers today are going to jail; it makes me wonder if any of them have ever gotten away with something like this,” freshman Paige Moore said.

Forensic evidence found that Melly shot and killed the two men. Then he and Corlton Henry staged a drive-by. In February, the rapper went to instagram to say he was turning himself in to the police. Just before his arrest his career was on the rise with his tour across the country just starting.

“He has had some great songs and I am excited for his new album to release,” sophomore Grant Chapman said.

Melly will be releasing a mixtape from jail called “Free M&M.” The release of the album will have a huge release party and birthday party for Melly, though he will not be able to attend. Speaking on the phone YNW Melly said in an interview with, “I’m not gon’ be there physically but I’m gon’ be there officially.” No tracklist or official release date has been revealed yet.