Cardinals’ April Offense

Hayden See, Reporter

A month into the 2019 season, the Cardinals have one of the best offenses in the MLB.

There have been lots of great starts from different hitters on the team, Marcell Ozuna has the team lead in on-base plus slugging percentage with a 1.004 mark. Shortstop Paul Dejong is second on the team, with a .986 OPS. The team lead in home-runs belongs to Marcell Ozuna as well, as he has 10 this year, and — just like OPS — Paul DeJong is in second, with nine home-runs. Where DeJong has the edge on Ozuna, though, is with doubles. The Cardinals’ shortstop has a team-leading — and league leading — 14 doubles.

A troubling stat, however, is Paul Goldschmidt’s 36 strikeouts. Matt Carpenter is not too far behind, with 33. With those two being the Cardinals’ top two players in the lineup, it is surprising to see that the Cardinals have had the offensive success that they have had so far.

WIth those players struggling to get going, lots of other players have stepped up. Outfielder Jose Martinez has slashed .375/.407/.488 in 30 games in 2019 with six doubles. Also, Harrison Bader and Dexter Fowler have showed up to play. Bader’s season started out slow, as did Fowler’s, however they are both picking up steam. Fowler raised his batting average to over .300 before he was sidelined for a couple games with the flu.

Even with their top players struggling, the Cardinals’ offense has still flourished