Trump Considers Using Court Order to Deport Migrants at the Border

Patrick Kissel, Reporter

President Donald Trump has not considered using court orders to deport migrants on the border, according to administration officials. This consideration comes after numerous controversies surrounding Trump administration policies surrounding immigration that have come under significant criticism over the past two years.

“There is no rustable cause to seal the borders. We as a nation cannot survive without the partnership between our southern allies and ourselves,” sophomore Clayton Herbst said.

The proposal has been rejected by former Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and is being championed by senior White House advisor Stephen Miller. The proposal has also receive multiple endorsements from numerous republican senators.

Trump detailed a draft of the proposal to a dozen republican senators in a meeting at the White House on Tuesday. According to a senior White House official, the proposal would attempt to close “all the loopholes” in America’s current immigration system that immigrants currently use to gain access to the United States, according to the Washington Times.

“People are coming into the US illegally and stealing jobs from actual US citizens,” sophomore Nicholas Newbauer said.

The proposal comes after numerous attempts to seal off the border to most or all migrants for an undefined period of time. At the beginning of his administration, Trump issued a 90 day travel ban on numerous Muslim majority countries that was later upheld by the Supreme Court. Trump has also issued numerous executive orders to enforce harsher policies or to shut down sections of the border, which have led to clashes between border patrol and migrants.

“Why should we let people into the country [who] are not coming in through the legal system come here,” freshman Evan Brown said.

Trump has also declared a national emergency over immigration at the border, which would allow him to siphen money from other areas of the government without congressional approval for hte construction of a border wall. Congress passed a resolution overturning the national emergency, but failed to overturn the veto of the resolution issued by Trump. The government is also facing numerous lawsuits relating to the national emergency which could still overturn it.

“The president has no inherent authority to declare emergencies to override appropriations laws and other laws enacted by Congress; his emergency powers are defined and limited by statute,” a lawsuit filed by Public Citizen relating to the national emergency said, according to USA Today.