Teacher’s Guide to Preparing for the Next School Year

Katelyn Gray, Reporter

For many t, preparing is a huge part of life. Most people have had to, at least once, prepare for something. For example, parents having to prepare dinner, students having to prepare themselves for exams, but teachers tend to have a different kind of prep. While summer serves most students with time to relax and the enjoyment of not being in school. However, the same cannot always be said about teachers.

Teachers must also spend time to set up their classrooms and determine what supplies and units will be needed for the next year, according to math teacher Ashley Grimm.

“I start over the summer and then typically around early August I come in. The first step is to get the room together, because usually it is a mess,”  Grimm said.

By the time the next school year starts, they must already have lesson plans prepared for, at least, several weeks

“I try to stay current on current events and what’s going on and current music, so throughout the summer I’m constantly trying to find new resources and up to date items to incorporate into our regular curriculum,” Spanish teacher Emily Torres said.

Preparing for the next school year is very beneficial to these teachers. Most of the teachers agree that prep is important to help be ready when all the chaos that coexist with the start of a new school year begins.

“Preparing allows you to be ready for when all the different things arise, such as; people changing in and out of classes, people getting lost. Preparing helps me make sure that I have my head on straight and know what is going on so that I can help those who need it,” Torres said.

Not everyone said this prep time is necessary, however. One teacher likes to spend his time away from school as time to enjoy life and not worry about what the next school year has to bring.

“To be very honest, by the end of the school year teachers, just like students, are ready to get out for a break. I spend most of my time with my family, go visit my son and daughter and things like that,” physical education teacher Frank Masters said.

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