Stanley Cup Final Game 2 Preview

Hayden See, Reporter

Game two of the Stanley Cup Final is tonight at 7PM.

The Boston Bruins won Game one of the series on Monday by a final score of 4-2. St. Louis had a 2-0 lead after 26 minutes of play, but Boston turned up the tempo. After going up by two, the Blues started playing with less urgency, and the Bruins were able to crawl back into the game. Their power-play came in ranked the best in the National Hockey League, and the Blues handed them five opportunities. They only allowed Boston to score on one of them, though

“The team looked completely different after the first period,’ junior Blake Haffer said.

Forward Brayden Schenn opened the scoring in the first game of the series, his third of the playoffs. His play has been strong, but the points haven’t been there. If his performance continues in this series, the Blues could have a little extra help, which could be useful against a team that has won nine straight games. He led the team with six shots last game, in a match where they only totaled 20 shots.

“If Schenn is able to put the team on his back, the Blues might just win it,” junior Ethan Seymore said.

Heading into the second game, the main change the Blues need to make is with their aggressiveness — specifically by their defensemen. They played back and looked like they were afraid to get beat in the second and third periods last game, which led to Boston dominating the offensive zone. Overall, the confidence has to go up, as the team played as if they were trying to stay up 2-0, rather than keeping up the same play that got them a 2-0 advantage.

“The Blues not playing with as much fire after taking an early lead needs to stop if they want to win the cup,” junior Ethan Markovich said.

The Blues have never won a Stanley Cup Final game in their franchise’s history — tonight could be the night.