The Library’s Purpose


Kayla Davito, Reporter

Approximately 121 people sign in and out of the library every day, not including students who visit with their class. Some might wonder why all of these people visit the library. 

“When I hear the word library, the first thing I think of is books,” freshman Jadyn Schmidt said.

However, books are not the only thing the THS library offers.

“We offer a lot of things, such as a comfy place to read a book, study or do homework. [We are a place where students can] feel free to sit and chat with friends. We also do test proctoring in here after school. You can of course check out books to read for fun, or check out books to use for an assignment or to study for the ACT test… We offer so many things it is hard to mention them all,” library assistant Kelly Hoven said.

The library also offers computers and printers, in case someone forgot their Chromebook or needs to print an assignment. 

“I think that it is a great places for resources and things like printing papers. I go almost every day,” senior Crisana Owens said.

The library is not only used during school hours. It also holds events throughout the year, such as the tryouts for the Battle of the Books team and the Hunt for the Horcruxes, their most popular event yet according to Hoven. 

“It was so much fun. I have never seen people so sweaty at a book event; they were flying down the halls,” librarian Kristine Harms said.

For many, the library is more than a room with books. It is full of people and resources to help students.

“I think the library is important because it is a comfortable and safe place for a lot of kids,” junior Lily Fisher said.