Baseball Player’s Family Murdered

Hayden See, Reporter

Minor league baseball player Blake Bivens had his life changed instantly after a triple homicide.

Blake Bivens is a pitcher for the minor-league affiliate the Montgomery Biscuits. After a game two weeks, he learned his wife, 14-month-old son and mother-in-law were all found dead, murdered according to Virginia police. The suspect has been arrested, and is Matthew Bernard, the brother-in-law of Bivens. The 18-year old was charged with three counts of first-degree murder, but not before he had a chase with the police.

“The tragedy that the baseball player has had to deal with is impossible to understand. It is a reminder that baseball is just a game,” senior Blake Haffer said.

There is not yet a motive behind the killings, however Bivens has taken to social media to help cope with the situation, he said his life was destroyed as he knew it, that the pain he feels is unbearable and cannot be put into words, and he shakes at the thought of his future without his family. The post has garnered a lot of support for the minor league player, reaching over 50,000 likes and receiving nearly 6,000 comments.

“It’s good to see him able to express himself and get the kind of positive support he definitely needs in this tough time,” senior Sophia Giltner said.

With the case developing, the suspected murderer, has been put on suicide watch. The suspect was hospitalized after he was apprehended by police running naked through a field after the murders. 

“Situations don’t get more difficult than this. The player lost his whole family in just minutes,” senior Karley Quinn said.

A date has yet to be set for Matthew Thomas’ trial.