Introducing THS Football Players

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

For many, football is one of the most jubilous times of their high school years. Each week students are brought together, through games and themes of outrageous clothing that otherwise no one would dare to wear in public. Often, it seems that the energy is always different during football season. But who are the students and classmates underneath the blue and white? The THS football team discuss goals, bonds, and what they are learning so far on the field, by means of getting better each game.

“I’m really just looking to make it far in the season, and to definitely beat Holt,” senior Christian Smith said.

Smith, number 63, normally takes the position of running back, tight end or linebacker, and has been a member of the team since his freshman year. The senior said that he believed the team gradually becomes better every year.

Teammate, Wyatt Lawlis, a sophomore, said this year’s team is “organized, well made.”

Meanwhile, aside from the rigorous training, these are the times that draws the team closer to each other.

“We do sprints in June,” senior Blake Haffer said, referring to the annual football camp. “We progress to further distances through, and we still do morning workouts during the off season.”

The team regularly regularly practices four times a week, training and honing their craft from the time the dismissal bell rings until 4pm. However this schedule is designed to build a strong work ethic.

“We’re like a family,” Smith said. “ We support each other when we fall short.”

With the football games, practices and classes the team shares, some say the Wolves share nearly every second at school together.

“Dealing with adverse situations, like losing the game brought us together,” said Coach Gilreath about the September 13th game against Holt. “But we just need to stay positive and keep working”

The coach arrives at Timberland High School at 6am, and leaves at 8p, yet he is still working on football plays at home.

Gilreath said “always hurts to lose when you’ve worked really hard.”

Though the coach chooses to remain positive, saying that his goals for the season were to “continue to grow” by “focussing on doing the little things to get better.”