Antonio Brown’s Busy Summer

Hayden See, Reporter

The past few months have been jam packed for Antonio Brown.

Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders after repeated issues with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The conflict started when the league issued a new helmet regulation, which made his helmet illegal. To protest the regulation, he skipped training camp and spoke out on social media. After those efforts resulted in zero change, he went to practice before their first preseason game and unleashed his anger; he spiked a ball in front of his head coach Jon Gruden and cussed him out.

“He is always starting some sort of fight. I’m not sure why he’s like that,” senior Ethan Markovich said.

Two weeks ago, Brown released a YouTube video of a private phone call between him and his coach. The video gained a lot of traction, amassing over a million views. After a few days passed, the Raiders decided to move on from Brown, releasing him. Within hours, the New England Patriots signed him, with an $18 million signing bonus.

“I think the video he put out was part of his plan to get out of Oakland. He never wanted to play there,” senior Amare Johnson said.

It was suspected by many that Brown’s plan was to coerce his release and then go to the New England Patriots to join forces with six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady. However, days after his arrival in New England, his former trainer sued him for sexual assault. Another accuser came forward a week later. Brown then reportedly sent threatening texts to his accuser. That was apparently the final straw for the Patriots, as they then shortly released him. 

“Nothing can go right for Antonio Brown. He is always the center of drama,” senior Emma Giltner said.

The future for Brown is not clear.