Horizons Feature

Aubrey Nolen, Reporter/Editor

Horizons is a WSD program designed to challenge accelerated students and help expand their horizons.

According to the WSD website, identified gifted students require learning experiences that specifically address their unique and exceptional learning abilities.

“Horizons at the high school level is a good transition for students who have worked together sometime since kindergarten and first grade, so when they come up to the high school level it helps them continue with those peer groups,” Gifted teacher Konni Russek said. 

Russek also said she works on a wide variety of endeavors with the high school gifted students, that provide both academic and emotional support.

“Horizons helps us, I think everybody in high school, with having a place to go and just sort of be yourself. It’s a fun place to be, but also Ms. Russek is helpful with work and all kinds of stuff like career planning and college planning,” sophomore Riley Frame said. “I meet with Ms. Russek often just to get through homework and stuff and to make sure that my grades are in check, and she does a good job of looking at my stuff personally.” 

Sophomore Claire Meara has been in Horizons since second grade.

“Horizons has benefitted me as a student by giving me an outlet to go and talk with my friends and try to discuss problems that I’ve been having, and Ms. Russek is always there to help with whatever I need,” Meara said.

 Timberland horizons services include one-on-one meetings, job shadowing opportunities, career speakers and social events such as Cafe AI.

The Horizons room is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday first through fifth hour for students enrolled in the program.