Varsity Softball: An Overview

Gabriella Ringo, Reporter

Softball is a variant of baseball but different in many ways. It is a popular participant sport, particularly in the United States.

The THS varsity softball team is coached by Brad Schellert, with assistant coaches Andrew Zerr and Paige Abert.

Timberland’s Varsity softball team consists of 14 players from sophomores to seniors. 

Zerr has been coaching the softball at Timberland for 10 years.

“I fell in love with the game when I realized how fast the game was and how fundamentally sound all of the girls needed to be,” Zerr said. “I’ve seen the Timberland Softball team really grow in believing in themselves. We are getting ready to accomplish some goals that I don’t think we saw as possible earlier.”

Senior Madi Sweeney has been on the Varsity team for four years.

“It has shown me how to be a good teammate and a good role model for the younger girls,” Sweeney said. “It was really nice bringing new girls up and learning how to work well with them and seeing them become part of our program.”

Junior Ilencia Lightbody said she enjoys playing softball.

“It’s fun and you can get close with a lot of people you don’t usually get close with,” Lightbody said. “All of the girls on the team have really good chemistry with each other and work well together.”

The softball team is currently 9-4-1 and still playing.