Stoplight Day

Kayla Davito, Reporter

On Monday, Timberland’s halls were filled with lots of people sporting red, green or yellow outfits. Each color had a different meaning as part of homecoming/spirit week.

Red meant the student had a date or did not want one, yellow showed they were unsure and green meant the student was still looking for a date. While some were excited to participate on the first of five spirit days and liked the theme, others disagreed, and believe that Monday’s theme was not good at all. 

“I think Monday’s spirit day was terrible. The theme was just stupid, but I still participated by wearing green and red,” sophomore Drew Chiodini said. 

While many frown on the idea of labeling who has a date to homecoming and who does not, some did enjoy the spirit day and were happy to participate.

“Yes, I liked Monday’s spirit day. I thought it was fun and creative. I participated because I liked the idea, and have a boyfriend,” sophomore Aubrey Simon said.

Others who did not participate are hoping that the week’s spirit days will improve.

“No, I did not participate, but I am looking forward to pajama day,” freshman Carson Mccalbe said. 

The spirit days throughout the week are as follows:

Monday- stoplight day, Tuesday- twin day, Wednesday- denim day, Thursday- pajama day and finally Friday- neon/80’s day.

The homecoming dance will take place the next day, Saturday, in the cafeteria from 8-11. Tickets are for sale at lunches for $20 for the remainder of the week, but will not be for sale at the door Saturday. Other fun events occurring this spirit week include the homecoming football game and homecoming assembly.