Girls Tennis 2019

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

The girls tennis team is currently undefeated this season.

Math teacher Jennifer Granicke and FACS teacher Teresa Durbala are the coaches.

“I chose to be a tennis coach, because the coach I had in high school was such a big impact on me. I was a new student, and the program he set up allowed me to make friends. [The coach] made the sport a lot of fun, so I wanted to do the same thing in my program,” Granicke said.

The team recently played in a doubles tournament at Francis Howell Central High School and took first place. 

“My favorite thing about the sport is to see the skill level increase so quickly among players. One day, they will be hitting serves into the net, and the next they will hit nine out of ten serves,” Granicke said. 

There are currently 12 girls on the varsity team and 24 in the tennis program. 

“I had a lot of fun last year playing, and I wanted to do it again,” sophomore Emily Lyng, who has been on the tennis team for two years, said.

Tennis matches usually range from two to three and a half hours. 

“One way that tennis impacts Timberland High School is that people are able to make friends and have a good time outside of school,” junior Kara Hildebrand said.

The next tennis match is October 3 at 3:30 against Troy Buchanan High School. To get more information on the tennis team talk to Coach Granicke or Durbala or follow them on Twitter @thswolvestennis