The AC In Timberland

Jacob VanCamp, Reporter

According to the WSD Board of Education policy, during cooling season, school buildings need to be approximately 72 degrees fahrenheit during school hours.

But, often, people complain about it either being to hot or too cold at THS.

Assistant principal Dan DeClue said the air conditioning in the building needs to be balanced properly, and when it is not, it results in a big difference in different in temperature feel in some parts of the school.

A member of the maintenance staff said that the AC often needs attention, because they often get complaints from teachers and staff about their rooms being too hot or too cold.

Junior Zane Buford said he wears a hoodie or a sweatshirt everyday, but it seems like it doesn’t work for every class.

Special Education teacher Natalie DeYoung said she has kids bring blankets to class to stay warm from her chilling class room.