The Real Weight Of AP English

Brooke Benne, Reporter

Advanced placement, AP, English classes are offered to schools worldwide and have been a part of Timberland since the very start in 2000. So, how do students get in and why are these classes so important?

Around 50 students are enrolled in AP English classes, according to counselor Julie Biggs.

The courses consist of essays, rhetorical devices, and how to use them while writing and communicating. 

“AP english would probably help every student at Timberland High School. It prepares you for college, and it just tests your knowledge,” senior Giovanni Dattilo said.

All AP courses are weighted and can later lead to an impressive college transcript if grades are above B average according to PrincetonReview. 

“It definitely helps for colleges, [especially] when you know you’re going to need to write a lot,” junior Emma Kimball said.

Many students who take AP English classes have taken prerequisites such as pre-ap classes. A common misconception is that this is the only way to get into the classes. 

“Anyone can come in. We have a wonderful department that is very supportive and helpful. So, from any level, you can come in from any other English class if you want to challenge your writing,” Boesch said.

English teachers Jeremy Boesch and Jim Andrzejewski teach AP English classes at Timberland. English teachers Corinne Drozkowksi, April Smith, Kristen Tinsley and Erica Wagner teach the pre-AP classes.