Into the Life: Secretary Dustie Taylor

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

At Timberland High School, administrative assistant Dusty Taylor is known by many to have a passion for helping kids of all ages.

Born on an Air Force Base in Oklahoma, Taylor is a mother to two preteen aged children and married to a lineman. Her youngest plays softball, adding to the hustle and bustle of her everyday life, though she insisted there is nothing better than being a mom.

“My dream job was to be a teacher,” Taylor said. “I love making an impact on people, and even in the guidance office, I feel like I make an impact on kids.”

Taylor has a special place in her heart for youth. She said that it was around the fifth grade when she developed aspirations to become a teacher and support system for kids. In her later she became an education major at St. Charles Community College.

“She is very fun, sweet and an amazing coworker,” registrar Jessica Butcher, who often works alongside Taylor in the guidance office, said.

Butcher has been working alongside Taylor for over four years. Though the guidance secretary claims herself to be a “hot mess,” Butcher said this is what makes Taylor bubbly, slightly clumsy and likeable.

“She’s nice,” freshman Brianna Cross said.

Cross said she comes to the guidance office to work on her assignments and that Taylor is a “bonus”.

Taylor can be found in the guidance office throughout the school day.