THS’s Favorite Scary Movies

Carly Bohning, Reporter

As the month of October progresses, students at Timberland High School were asked the famous question from the 1996 movie “Scream:” What’s your favorite scary movie?

Now of course they were not under the pressure of a serial killer when asked this, but here is what they said.
“My favorite scary movie is ’The Conjuring’, because
 first of all it’s extremely scary, and second of all… one time I came upstairs to find my dad, brother, and uncle all huddled up on the couch, inches away from crying,” senior Quentin Simpson said.

‘The Conjuring’ was released July 19, 2013 and made a total of 319.5 million USD at the box office.

“[My favorite scary movie is] ‘A Quiet Place,’ because it’s very unique and really interesting how they do it with minimal lines,” senior Clarissa Bruegenhemke said.

“A Quiet Placewas released on April 6, 2018 and made a total of 340.9 million USD at the box office.