Nathan Harman: Volleyball Coach and Science Teacher

Jacob Spudich, Reporter

Science teacher Nathan Harman teaches a variety of  science courses alongside eight other teachers. His classes include Zoology, Botany; he also coaches volleyball. 

Zoology, Harman’s fifth hour class, focuses on the study of animals.

“I like learning about animals and parasites I mostly took it [Zoology] as animals are really interesting,” senior Grace North said.

Harman said he had multiple goals for the volleyball team the season.

“We had several goes to start out the season. We wanted to win a conference for the fourth consecutive year, and to win two out of the three tournaments we played in … [we want] to win another district title,” Harman said.  

As of October 14, the volleyball team has a record of 17-7-3.

Harman is good at formulating drills for us to do as he always has practice planned out based on how we perform at a previous game, he is also very vocal which is really important as a coach,” senior Brie Meyers said.

But for Harman, it’s not just about the wins or the curriculum. 

“I get to interact with all the athletes and students around the school. They keep me on my toes and they keep me informed on what is going on and seeing them grow and progress and become better either in a classroom or in a court is really great to see all the time,” Harman said. 

To learn more about the volleyball, follow them on Twitter @THSVolleyB or find Harman in room 229.