MLB Pitcher Vazquez Being Held On Sexual Assault Charges

Hayden See, Reporter

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez is in jail for sexual assault charges.

The reports came out last month, of Vazquez’s explicit contact with a minor. The charges stem from a 2017 incident, in which he allegedly assaulted a 13-year-old girl in his Mercedes in Scottsdale, Arizona, according to the Post Gazette. Vazquez admitted to what he did in an in-home interview conducted by the police in mid-September. The Florida warrant issued states that he exchanged sexually explicit photos and video with the girl with his cellphone.

“It’s tough to think that an athlete, who many people think of as a hero, could possibly do something like this,” senior Blake Haffer said. 

Being held in Westmoreland County Prison, Vazquez is being charged with statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, corruption of minors and indecent assault. The prosecution and defense agreed to not let Vazquez leave on bond before his court hearings are set to begin. Outside of the Westmoreland jurisdiction, he’s being charged with two more crimes in Florida — giving away obscene material to a minor and soliciting a child for unlawful sexual conduct. All of the charges brought against him are felony charges. Him and his defense are expected to try to obtain a plea deal. 

“There are so many charges that he’s facing. He’ll be locked up for a long time,” senior Ethan Markovich said.

The former All-Star is facing decades in prison. His case has been postponed by the judge of the case, for an undisclosed reason. He is being held in Westmoreland County Prison with no bond. The MLB has placed him on administrative leave while the investigation is underway. 

“Going from an All-Star to being charged for having illegal relations with a minor. It has been a downward spiral for Felipe Vazquez,” senior Ethan Seymore said

His first court hearing is set for mid November.