Lizzo Impacts Teens

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

It has been said that music is food for the soul. Lizzo is a hip hop, neo soul, and R&B artist whom is popular in mainstream music.

“‘Good as H*ll’, helps pick me up when I’m down. I feel that even though it’s about love, you can apply the lesson to everyday life,” freshman Shelbi Blanton said.

In a survey sent to all THS students, of the 51 student respondants, only 33.3% said they listen to Lizzo. Of those, 93.8% of those students believed that the songstress made a positive impact on their confidence and self esteem. Namely, Lizzo’s most famous songs, such as “Truth Hurts,” are making them feel empowered and believing of their self worth.

Many listeners also said they feel that Lizzo’s songs withhold a good message about relationships.

“My favorite of hers is ‘Jerome’. It makes me feel like men don’t deserve a goddess like me. I typically listen to it when on my way home,” freshman Trinity Jones said.

Lizzo’s trademark anthems, often tackle the emotions during the ending phase of a relationship.

Finally, many listeners feel as if Lizzo’s songs teach an overlaying, very important message: to love yourself.

“I think she’s all about mental and physical positivity and self love. That what people think or say doesn’t matter because if you like you, that’s all that matters,” junior Katelyn Gray said.

Most responses from the survey noted that; Lizzo, by showing off her own fuller figure, is purposefully conveying to teens the message of body positivity and loving oneself.

““Come now, come dry your eyes / You know you a star, you can touch the sky / I know that it’s hard but you have to try / If you need advice, let me simplify,”-Good as H*ll.

The data is proof that music has the ability to help teens emotionally. This can take a toll on our perception of ourselves, and that’s why positive role model like Lizzo is important within the music industry.