Paying Attention During Class

Brooke Benne, Reporter/Anchor

Modern day life is not without distractions, with the new Iphones, games and friends that people see and use everyday. Being distracted by things like this is normal, but when it comes around to school time it’s a different story.

University studies have shown that around 97% of students  are looking at their phones instead of listening and looking at teacher. Mobile devices can be helpful for a number of reasons but during class time, the new Mario Kart game can keep students from hearing directions or turning something in.

¨I think that having phones can be a blessing but a big distraction during class. As long as students use them wisely it should not be restricted,¨ sophomore Raqi Blanton said.

Unfortunately phones and games are not the only distractions students have to overcome. Around 20% of high schoolers fall asleep during class due to a lack of sleep or boredom. Helpful tips to overcome this is to go to bed earlier at night to get a full eight to nine hours of sleep and turn off mobile devices before heading to bed.

¨I wish school started later because I am always half asleep through class and it makes it so hard to focus. I know deep down it is my fault because I don;t go to bed early enough, but with all my homework it gets hard,¨ sophomore Lucas Lowery said.

Talking to friends in class is probably the oldest distraction to date and still one of the most common. Instead of listening about someone’s weekend in the middle of class, save it for later and avoid the risk of being moved or talked to by a teacher. 

¨It is super hard sometimes to focus when everyone around me is talking. I love talking so I always end up joining in,¨ Lowry said.