Fun Fall Festivities

Ryan Fredrick, Reporter

Visiting pumpkin patches, cuddling up and watching scary movies, haunted houses and pumpkin pie means autumn has arrived, and it has brought cooler temperatures and changing leaves along with it.

“What makes fall so special is that you can do so many things with your friends or family for little to no money. It’s a cheap season, but it is also the most fun season. I love taking leisurely strolls in my car with my friends,” senior Abigail Island said. 

It is never too late to update a fall bucket list. with so many activities, a list can be very helpful to experience everything autumn has to offer, according to sophomore Lucas Lowry. 

“There is so little time to do everything I want to do, I just had to make a list. I love going on hayrides, watching spooky movies, drinking apple cider, bundling up in comfortable clothes and taking walks with all the leaves on the ground. Fall is just such a cozy season, and I do not want to miss out on anything,” Lowry said. 

Before Halloween, many people love to do things to prepare for the holiday, including going to pumpkin patches, haunted houses, watching scary movies, and decorating their houses. 

“My favorite thing about fall is that it comes with one of the best holidays, Halloween. Prepping for Halloween is always so much fun – finding the right costume, carving pumpkins, getting candy and watching scary movies is my forte,” junior Alana Espinoza said. 

From all there is to see in nature – leaves changing, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches – to all the cozy activities one can do indoors, this colorful season is the perfect time to adventure outside of comfort zones and into a pile of leaves.