THS Winter Sports

Hayden See, Reporter

With winter sports season around the corner, there are plenty of sports to participate in at Timberland.

Fall sports are either over or about to wrap up. That means football, baseball and softball will all be coming to a close. Cheer, on the other hand, continues into the winter sports season. “After playing football in the fall, the winter is my time off from sports,” senior Blake Haffer said.

The Timberland High School basketball team had its tryouts late late after school. Their season then starts soon after. They held tryouts for the freshman, junior varsity or varsity team. Going through their season is very enjoyable for a lot of the players. And, for seniors who want to finish strong, they have even more of a desire to work hard this year.

“Going into my senior season, I’m just going to leave it all on the line. Basketball has been one of my favorite sports to play, and it’ll be rough when the year comes to a close. I’ll enjoy my time playing,” senior Amare Johnson said.

Out of all of the sports Timberland offers, basketball is the one with the smallest roster, but if you don’t make it, other options are available; the school’s wrestling team, girl’s swim team and dance team are in session this winter. The school’s wrestling team begins their practices this week, for both the girls and boys teams. Coming off of a conference championship season, the girl’s swim teams start their practices on November 11th. They commence very soon.

“Although I am not able to dance as often as I once did, I still find it very fun and rewarding,” senior Sophia Giltner said.

With fall sports coming to a close, many winter sports are starting up.