Funding for the Arts Program

Tayonna Henderson, Reporter

Taking an active role in the arts, such as music and drawing, helps the mind take in information more efficiently and enable students to become more well rounded.

In a recent study conducted by Houston Education Research Consortium shows that three percent of a standard deviation in standardized writing scores, and an increase of eight percent of a standard deviation in their compassion for others. So clearly this shows how important the arts are within the school setting. Unfortunately, the arts program are usually the first to be cut when funding within a school district decreases. 

In the Wentzville School District, the arts play a key role in the majority of students’ lives. Beginning their day with 6:30 morning rehearsal that goes to the end of the first hour of the school day. The marching band devotes an extraordinary amount of time perfecting their seasonal show. While keeping 95 percent in attendance, some even keeping jobs and all of them parping for competitions.

Between 2014 and late 2018, the Wanette School District in Oklahoma cut over 1,110 fine art classes in their schools. Since this is a small town with fewer schools. Once Wannette lost their grant money for the arts, they personally didn’t have to fund to proceed with the program themselves.

Many may say that being apart of the arts help children grow in ways some may never think they would. Test scores improve, attendance improves, and the enjoyment students find in school improves. Kids should be apart of the arts, and it should also start at a young age.

This is a photo of the art supplies at THS.