The Smash Club

Jacob Spudich, Reporter

The Smash Club is a club here at Timberland that meet up in room 157 and play video games like Super Smash Bros or any other nintendo games that they have and have a great time hanging out.

The Smash Club was once sponsored by Spanish Teacher Peter Hult, but is now sponsored by Special Aid Teacher Samantha Timpe.

On stating why she took over the club, Timpe stated “ I felt it was an important outlet for students that had made friends here who may not necessarily fit in any of the clubs or sports. This was their opportunity to have a social time to have fun and socialise and be a gamer.”

For Junior Chase Higley he didn’t actually believe that Smash Club was an actually club here at Timberland stating” The first thing I really thought that there was no way that this was real like no school would approve this.” Highley later joined Smash Club stating “The reason I joined was to hangout with other people who love video games.”

This club does not just play Super Smash Bros. but they play other games like Mario Kart on the SNES. President of Smash Club Maxwell Rudat has thoughts to change the club name to The Gaming Club stating “Some of us kind of keep to themselves and play their own game while well play Smash, like the main smart board will most likely be used to play Smash while other electronics would be used to play other nintendo games.”

For Timpe she wants this club to stay as the bonds and lessons the members have as she said “I want them to gain a life long friendship as it is a good source of networking but above and beyond that they are learning good sportsmanship a lot of times people talk smack and we want people to get along.”

Smash Clubs meetings are every Wednesday at room 157 from 2:25 to 3:25 p.m.