Timberland’s Chrome Lab

Luke Morgan, Reporter

Timberland High School’s Computer Hardware Information Technology class provides a student-accessible chromebook repair lab. The lab is staffed by Timberland Students who have both learned how to repair chromebooks, and actively repair chromebooks

“Any student can visit the lab and insurance is not required.” Computer Hardware Information Technology Teacher Carrie Seiler said

Any Timberland High School students can visit the chromebook lab if they are suffering issues with their chromebook. The lab is available anytime fifth and sixth hour or the last five minutes of any hour excluding eighth hour. The lab is located upstairs in room 221.

“We repair pretty much everything about a broken chromebook even completely replacing it, like issuing you a new one” Senior Jack Heman said

The students in the lab have been trained on how to make repairs on the chromebooks, and if needed will offer students a new replacement chromebook.

“There are different classes, so you can take networking, cyber security, ethical hacking is one, so just like different areas.” Senior Nick Nedved said 

The students in the lab do not just learn how to repair chromebooks, but are also given the availability to learn a plethora of other technology related subjects.

“I think that people who have an interest in building or any sort of computer science class should take it” Senior Caleb Mahan said 

Any Timberland students can take the class, but Mrs. Seiler wants students who have taken prior technology classes. Any technology class can serve as a prerequisite.