Gender and Sexuality Alliance

Carly Bohning, Reporter

Thousands of Gender and Sexuality alliances are registered nationwide, Timberland High School has one of them. 

“It’s about mental health, inclusivity, and bringing up the quality of the school,” senior and GSA officer Josh Bentley said. 

GSA is currently hosting around ten members, but the officers hope to expand the club with new forms of publicity. 

“GSA is a place where people can be themselves and not have to fear judgement or feel like they have to act differently around other people and be who they want to be,” senior and GSA officer RJ Carter said. 

GSA meets every regular start Monday after school in Mr. Smith’s classroom. 

“GSA is open to everybody no matter what your sexuality or gender is, it doesn’t matter, we accept anybody because we want Timberland to be an open place,” senior Ryan Fredrick said. 

GSA is sponsored by Mr. Smith. If you’re interested in joining please email [email protected].