Little Shop of Horrors: The Cast’s Insight

Jazmyn Hill, Reporter

Timberland High School Theatre Program performed Little Shop of Horrors this past weekend. Commended for their performance, the cast and crew give insight upon the hard work that was put into this years show.

“[During] the last three weeks of rehearsal  we were there every day; it got really exhausting,” sophomore Hallie Fisher said. “My other really big challenge was that I ended up having a collapsed lung the week before the show and during the show that made it really difficult to sing.”

Fisher was put on medical release days before the show in order to perform and play the role of Audrey, the female lead of the show. Through perseverance, and vocal rest, Fischer was able to perform opening night, where the cast’s numerous after school rehearsals and rigorous auditions came to a final product.

“I think this show the show definitely had like the most like technical like things,” sophomore Matthew Ehlman said. “People were puppeteering the plant and there were crazy lights and just think it was mostly technically challenging show that we’ve done.”

Ehlman was the voice behind the carnivorous plant in the production. Some took more extreme preparation measures than others.

“I dyed my hair for The Addams Family, “ junior Lucas Sweeney said. “I emailed the Supreme the director of the show when I [said that] I think we should make it a tradition to dye my hair for the show [so] I went to Sally Beauty Supply and told them I needed temporary black hair dye.”

Sweeney played the role of Oran Bleu, a daredevil dentist that was also the abusive partner of the female lead, Audrey. To prepare for such a role, Sweeney rehearsed lines in every possible place. However, it was the collective input that reaped what the team believed to be rewarding.

“The most rewarding part is when people like tell you that the show was good and they they wanted like see it again.” Sweeney said.” That’s like the best compliment.”

The cast thanks everyone whom took the time to see the show, and hopes that their work carries them to a promising reward.