4E Intruder Training

Jamia Harris, Reporter

This year Timberland students have been introduced to 4E Intruder Training. The 4E Intruder Training helps train students and staff how to properly handle an intruder situation.

“I feel like the training is good, because you never know what could happen in today’s world,” sophomore Daileigh Pinkston said.

Some Timberland students think that it is good to have the 4E Training in place so they can be prepared.

“I think it’s imperative, I think it’s kind of sad but in today’s day and age, it’s something we have to do. So that’s important for us to make sure everybody’s educated, so that, God forbid something happens, and we are prepared,” assistant principal Emily Eberhardt said.

The 4E Intruder Training has been training Timberland staff for a while now. They help and organize intruder training so we can be prepared when an intruder strikes.

“We’ve been training as a staff for a number of years, umm are staff knows this training by heart and we felt it was important that it came from them, the teachers because they know how important it is to us,” Eberhardt said.

The 4E Training has four key parts. The key parts of training are educate, escape, evade and engage. 

“ I think just be aware and let people know, um you know if you suspect anything or worried about anything, let administration, let a teacher, let anybody know if there’s anything you are worried about at school,” Eberhardt said.

Overall the 4E Training has been important and good to help students and staff prepare for these situations.