Is Dance a Sport?

Kayla Davito, Reporter

Practiced and performed both in and out of THS, dance is one of the controversial activities that have people questioning whether or not it is a sport.

For some, when the word ‘dance’ is heard, images on tutus and ballerinas come to mind. However, there are many more styles than ballet that make up the dance world. Hip hop, contemporary, lyrical and jazz are just a few. THS students have given their opinions on if they think dance is a sport.

“It is not a sport. I think it is very artistic, but since it is not in the Olympics, it can not be considered a sport,” sophomore Joshua Brown said. 

While it is true that dance is not in the Olympics, dancers still participate in competitions around the world. However, there is more than just the assumption of the Olympics that calls dance into question. Another common argument as to why dance should not be considered a sport is because dancers are watched by judges rather than referees and follow no universal scoring procedure, unlike similar activities like diving or gymnastics. 

“It is a sport because it is a form of exercise that really works your muscles,” sophomore Shelby Mooney said.

Dance does require movement and exercise, and in that way can be compared to other sports. Dr. James A. Nicholas in Journal of Sports Medicine deemed ballet the most physically and mentally demanding out of 61 physical activities, according to an article by Inkling News.

“I think dance is a sport, because they do these crazy flexible things, but make it look easy,” sophomore Ellary McLuaghlin said.

Overall, the evidence points to dance falling into either category, depending on the reasoning. For example, dance does require exercise and can be compared to other sports because of its physical nature, while others are content with it being called a performing art, because of the way that it is performed (telling a story) in an emotional and artistic way.