Timberland’s Thanksgiving Plans

Kayla Davito, Reporter

November 28 marks Thanksgiving- a time where people are thankful, gather to eat food together and spend time with family and friends. THS students are traveling near and far to celebrate this holiday over the five-day break. 

“I am not going far over break; I am just sitting around here. I do not have a lot of plans made, but I am excited for the variety of food at Thanksgiving,” junior Zoey Ison said.

The food is definitely a popular pick when students are asked what they are looking forward to over break. In fact, in a recent survey sent out, 75.5% of THS students said they plan on having a big meal with close family. Turkey was the number one choice of Thanksgiving favorites, followed by potatoes, pumpkin pie and stuffing.

“[The food I am looking forward to most is] the green beans/green bean casserole,” freshman Josephine Weishaar replied in the survey.

Besides food, other things people are doing include spending time with family and friends and fun plans. 

“I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving because it gives me the chance to travel and be with family,” freshman Katelyn Huesemann said. 

THS students also shared what Thanksgiving means to them, besides a break from school.

“Thanksgiving to me is a day where you can spend time with family who you might not see all the time and bond with them over stuffing yourselves until you can’t eat anymore. It is acting like you’re annoyed by your younger relatives hanging on you the whole time, but actually enjoying it because you missed them,” sophomore Peyton Stoddard said.

No matter where THS students are, there are sure to be fun activities to be had, either with family, friends or both.