Wainwright Re-Signed

Hayden See, Reporter

Thirty eight -year-old  Adam Wainwright has agreed to one-year deal to stay in St. Louis through 2020.

The contract is for $5 million with another $5 million in incentives. The incentives are structured to reward him, whether he is a member of the rotation, or bullpen, similar’ to what he signed last offseason, which also maxed out at $10 million, however this deal has more guaranteed money.

“His resurgence was incredible. I did not see it coming,” senior Blake Haffer said.

Wainwright heads into 2020 with a rotation spot locked down. In 31 starts last year, he recorded a 4.19 earned run average, and a 14-10 win-loss record. He did not make any appearances out of the pen, but his incentive laden deal for 2020 maxes out if he reaches 30 starts or 30 relief appearances. 

“A guy as old as him making more than 30 starts is extremely rare,” senior Connor Price said.

With the season months away, not much is concrete regarding the full starting rotation; Flaherty, Mikolas, Hudson and Wainwright are the only locks. Carlos Martinez is a wildcard, given the injury history of his shoulder. As is Helsley, who seems to have found a spot in the pen.

“With Carlos and Wainwright in the rotation, I know they can take the division back,” senior Ethan Seymore said.

Not much was known about his future entering 2019, but he put together his best numbers since 2015 — putting the Tommy John surgery and achilles tear behind him. At the age of 38-years-old he proved the doubters wrong.