Girls Basketball

Kaitlin Terry, Reporter

Winter sports have started and the girls basketball team has recently started practicing. This year there are a total of 22 girls on the JV and Varsity basketball team here at Timberland. 

“My favorite thing about basketball is that it is a team sport so you can never really get too down on yourself, because your teammates are always there to pick you back up,” junior Carly Branstetter said. 

This year the JV team has a brand new coach, Ashlee Kiefer. Kiefer said she has always been interested in coaching a sport as intense basketball.

“I like the intimate atmosphere of a gym, you’re right there with the fans, everybody can hear each other, the kids have to work together. I don’t know if there is a sport that can go back and forth as quickly as basketball. It’s just entertaining, it’s fun, and it gives them a chance to show their athleticism,” Kiefer said. 

The varsity girls basketball team consists of 12 girls. History teacher Brad Schellert has been coaching the varsity team ever since he started teaching here at Timberland and recently became the head coach.

“My favorite part about coaching basketball is being around the girls everyday and building relationships, basketball is an important part of that and athletics. We have a good group this year so I enjoy going to practice,” Schellert said. 

The girls basketball team’s first home game of the season is December 17 for both JV and varsity.