A Fine Gradient

Brooke Benne, Reporter & Anchor

Celebrities are often known for their regal looks, large sum of fans and wealth. It’s easy for some to confuse these actors on the big screens as unrelatable or even godlike, but of course they are human just like us, and some even look it as well. 

Last October, an app called Gradient was released to Apple Play Store and quickly went viral, grossing $1.1 million. After taking a quick selfie, users can quickly see their transformation into a celebrity they most resemble. Twenty-one Timberland students gave their opinion on who they think they resemble as a celebrity, numerous answers were given such as Kylie Jenner, Cameron Dallas, Jennifer Lawrence, and many more but Zac Efron and Lisa Kudrow were the only ones brought up twice. 

“I think I look like Zac Efron,”Junior Kaitlyn Gray said.

“Oh, Zac Efron,” Sophmore Ethan Boititnet said as well.

Both Sophomores Sophie Schulz and Carly Glendinning said they were both told by the Gradient app they look like Lisa Kudrow from the hit 90’s TV show Friends

The Gradient app is still available on the app play store and with a seven day free trial all aspects of the app are free.