Masters of Disasters Club

Gabriella Ringo, Reporter

At Timberland there is a club that teaches students how to respond during natural disasters and emergencies through the basics of first aid, medical techniques, realistic disaster simulations and much more. 

The club is affiliated with Teen CERT, also known as Mid America Teen Community Emergency Response Team, a national program of volunteers trained in disaster preparedness and emergency response. 

This club was founded by Tanvi Dajuha and Scarlett Watkins.

“We decided to bring this club to school because no place is 100% safe, so we thought that if we can help prepare kids for fires, earthquakes, tornados, or any sort of disaster like that, it would be very beneficial in the case that anything does happen,” Dajuha said.

This club meets every 2 weeks on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 in room 136.

 “In a regular meeting what we usually do is that we go over some information first and then we do more hands-on things. After we finish all of those, there is going to be an opportunity to become Teen CERT certified so there will be another class that will get you certified,” Watkins said.

Junior Tasia Double is also affiliated with this club.

“My favorite thing about this club is that it really teaches us to open our eyes like hey this stuff goes on but at least we know how to handle it,” Doble said.

By participating in this club students have the opportunity to become Teen CERT certified.

To learn more about the Masters of Disasters club, contact Scarlett Watkins at [email protected] or Tanvi Dajuha at [email protected].