French Week

Kayla Davito, Reporter

For the past five years, for one week in the month of November, THS has been partaking in National French Week; something that is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French and open to everyone at school. Throughout this week, students and staff participate by dressing up. Some of the days’ themes include Cliché Day, Canada Day and Parisian Day.

“I love to see the spirit of the school. Especially the staff and students that don’t even study French are dressing up. I love it all,” French teacher Laura Kaiman said.

The week’s themes were planned by the French Club, which typically meets once a month, celebrates Francophone holidays and participates in sports with the German and Spanish club. 

“I joined French Club because I loved French class from the first week in French I. Madame Kaiman creates a very inclusive and fun space for her students in her classroom, and French Club is exactly the same, just after school,” senior Jenna Davis said.

Students are still able to join French club; the only requirement being that they be in a French class. Meeting dates are posted in Mrs. Kaiman’s room. French week is only one of the things that they do, but it is one the entire school gets to participate in.

“My favorite day is Friday, because it is crépe day,” Davis said.

On Friday, French Club members, as well as AP French IIII students, make and serve crépes at lunch for one dollar apiece. Overall, French club students seem to be proud of the work they put into French Week, as well as everything else they do as a club. 

“I like French Club because I can have fun. I feel like I can learn more about French and France while hanging out with friends and eating yummy snacks,” freshman Samantha Deibis said.